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ClearBox Rights Introduction

Welcome to the ClearBox Rights, LLC blog!

We are an Independent Rights Management Company, currently focusing primarily on the administration of music copyrights. We recently celebrated our two year anniversary, and I would like to first take this opportunity to thank those who have put their trust in our company to manage their valuable Intellectual Properties.

ClearBox Rights’ mission is to transform the management of intellectual property for owners and creators through transparent and efficient administration services through a cloud based software solution, and to connect and empower creators and owners directly into the complex digital and physical rights and revenue environment.

I have been asked by a number of clients and industry friends if we had a newsletter or any type of publication to help keep them educated on issues related to copyright administration and related matters which impact writers and publishers. In the last few weeks, we’ve been invited to make various presentations and publish articles regarding music copyrights and licensing in the fast changing digital age, so we thought this would be an appropriate time to dive deeper into social media in an attempt to fill some of those requests.

This blog will be published at least once a week, and will address various timely copyright related issues. Other than publishing full copies of articles as they appear in other publications, the weekly blogs will be kept to a minimum length in an attempt to address an issue and prompt discussion, but not burden you with lengthy verbose.

If you have any level of interest in songwriting, music publishing, copyright administration, or related licensing and legal matters, I believe you will find this to be an interesting blog to follow. I invite you to read along, and also to comment and discuss issues as they arise.

I am optimistic about the future of music. Today, music is available to more people, from more people, than ever before. We just need to modify the business model. Sometimes, the things we fear most – conflicts, disorders, imbalances – can be our primary motivation for creative change.

John Barker

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